Types of A.C.I. Security Officer Uniforms

In addition to the proper training, equipment and professional behavior, A.C.I. Security Officers are attired in uniforms that fit the client’s environment. The goal is to provide attire that is effective for the task at hand. Depending on the circumstances, the uniform is designed to make the personnel approachable, increase crime deterrence or blend in when the operation is intended to be covert.

Military Uniform

This fatigue style uniform with military style boots and cap are black in color with brightly colored A.C.I. Security logo. Depending on time of year and environment, the military style uniform may be a T-shirt style or covered with a fatigue style jacket. Military combat boots are worn with the pant legs bloused inside them. A nylon web belt carries the guard’s handgun, pepper spray, baton, handcuffs and radio. This style uniform is worn primarily by tactical team members.

Police Uniform

The police type uniform normally has a military pleated shirt that has sewn on shoulder epaulets with a security badge on the breast pocket and A.C.I. patches on both sleeves. It may be augmented by a wind breaker type or cloth jacket with logos. The pants a have a military stripe while the shoes are shined black leather with rubber soles. The Guard also wears a police style cap with the A.C.I. logo. These guards may be armed or unarmed and are deployed at a variety of client locations where a police style uniform can be an effective deterrent while also providing an approachable, professional appearance.

Formal Attire

For some events, venues or escort situations, our security personnel may wear a two-piece or three-piece suit where a formal style of professionalism is needed. Less formal environments may mean only a dress shirt (white or blue) with tie, black or dark blue slacks and dress shoes with black socks. A radio clips on easily to the dress belt, and an ear microphone can be added for hands-free operation. A badge can be added to either uniform by using a badge holder in the breast pocket or clipping it to the belt.

Casual Attire

For a more general environment such as small businesses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and other casual environments where the security personnel want to blend in more than be noticed. Casual attire consists of a polo shirt, or short-sleeve shirt, cotton khakis and work shoes. The shirt may or may not have the A.C.I. logo depending on the potential covert needs such as in-store employee mole. A radio can be worn on the belt and if necessary a vest can be included in the uniform for added storage.